some weapon jammers dude tower my personal fave Artist Michael Hsiung & friend

This past Friday marked the opening of illustrator Michael Hsiung’s solo show, “So Far, So Good, So What” at THIS Gallery in Highland Park, LA. Michael’s work, mostly pen and ink drawings of mythical dude creatures, replete with tattoos, beards, and often times tails, are truly unique and imaginative. Michael and his wife Rachel, also an artist, are the kind of people that make me defend LA when people are accusing us all of being Hollywood weirdos. Well, they’re weirdos for sure, but the best kind you could ever imagine! And THIS Gallery also get us a point in the LA column. Co-owned by the late Justin Van Hoy, it shows work by some of the great up-and-coming artists from Los Angeles and beyond. It was great seeing Mike’s work in a larger, more comprehensive context, and seeing him stoked to share it in the company of all his friends. 

The show runs until February 17th. GO SEE! BUY ART!