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Message number 20, P-U. 

I’m shocked that I recall that strictly from memory. Ahhhh, old boyfriends who always have new numbers. Can’t say I miss that phase of life. 

So, yes. We’re taking a quick break to figure some stuff out. Hopefully when we’re back we’ll be better! 

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Book Club Style - Joan Didion

I am part of a Super Serious Young Ladies Book Club here in San Francisco, and our current read is Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking. I love the book and am nearly finished with it, and although it is a devastating portrait of grief, I find myself being drawn most powerfully to passages where Joan reminisces about her years in California—they are familiar and comforting in the darkness.

On the back of my copy of the book, there is an arresting portrait of Joan gazing at her late husband, John Dunne, and their little blonde daughter, Quintana Ru. They are on the back porch of a house overlooking what appears to be the Malibu coastline. It’s just so quintessentially California, with Joan in a caftan, no makeup, undone hair. She was quite a beauty, actually, which I know shouldn’t matter, but I can’t help but love women who subvert the “brains but not beauty” dynamic that still prevails despite GQ’s protestations. I kept looking at the photo as I read, and began searching for more photos of Joan during this period, realizing that she is a real style icon—she dresses in a very simple, almost French fashion where everything looks well-made and elegant, even if it’s just a cotton maxi dress. It’s the enviable East Coast meets California girl style that I aspire to. Now if only I could sit down and write my book…







Object Obsessions, Volume 1: Clogs

Because I have been relatively broke since I left the sweet bosom of my family’s home back when I was 17, purchases over something as arguably small as $100 will throw me into a months-long obsession with finding the most perfect version of whatever it is I am fixated on buying at the time. In January, it was a classy, unisex backpack (I settled on this one from Makr). Before that, it was a pair of simple black leather ankle booties with a 2” - 2.5” stacked heel, of which I chose a pair of goddamn Naturalizers. And before that, there was a couch, a new bicycle, a vibrator, etc. etc. etc.

Now, this is not to say that I don’t snack on less expensive treats in between meals, because, oh, I do. But as someone who is frequently seduced by impulse purchases, there is something hugely satisfying about doing exhaustive market research and buying the exact thing that you are looking for at the best possible price.

Which leads me to my current object obsession: the perfect pair of all-season Swedish-style clogs. Now, I know that the fever pitch of the clog trend is cooling, but I personally have always thought that a pair of little red or navy blue clogs were the ultimate classic for those chasing that “casual gamine” look. As I have been in pursuit of that exact habit of dress for some time, the right pair of clogs are pretty much the key to making me perfect, you guys. I will wear them all the time, trust me.

But perfection ain’t cheap: the main squeeze in the clog world, Swedish Hasbeens, run between $200 and $350, and most of the other pairs worth their salt come close to that as well. However, you can usually find most of these on eBay for 25% to 50% cheaper, especially if you have a normal shoe size (not an 11, like me, ya lucky bastards).

Below, I reveal my four favorite pairs of clogs:


Swedish Hasbeens T-Strap Super High: $221

I love the t-strap clog because it gives you the heft of the wood-sole with the leg-elongating benefits of a t-strap shoe.


Sven Plain Leather High Heel Clog: $195

While Svens aren’t much cheaper than Hasbeens, I have been lusting after them because they make the perfect basic slip-in model with the right type of toe—not to bubbly and a little more narrow. And you can choose between 4 different leather textures, 3 different base types, and just about any color or pattern you like.


Lotta From Stockholm Highwood Red Clog: $80

These might be the most promising yet: under $100, great track record on the internet, excellent shape, and in bright cherry red, they make a shoe generally relegated to kids and kindergarten teachers sexy in a Lolita-ish way. Lotta also makes the standard slip-in AND the t-strap for around the same price.


Bryr Annabelle Mary Jane: $265

So again, this is on the higher-end of the price spectrum, but these truly are a glorious shoe. I love the thinner ankle strap and the distressed leather. Also, the peep-toe is small enough that you could wear this year-round, at least here in San Francisco.

Note: At the time of this writing, the author still has not pulled the trigger on her ultimate pair. She will tell you as soon as she does.

Spring Break Forever, Bitches.

That phrase is already being hashtagged, tweeted, and probably even tattooed from Silverlake to Williamsburg (and a handful of southern beach towns), so I kind of regret that title already but it’s Monday and I don’t quite have my wits about me yet..  

The night we saw Spring Breakers, we had the awesome fortune of attending a showing introduced by Harmony Korine. He answered a couple of questions and told us that this movie is about a feeling and not to make it something else. Thanks to the great soundtrack done by Cliff Martinez (and Skrillex…ew) who also did the Drive soundtrack, James Franco’s stellar performance, and brief cameo’s by real life thugs, ATL twins and Gucci Mane, Korine created a really great feeling. I don’t know what it’s like to be an AK-47 toting 18-year-old girl from central Florida but I do know what it’s like to feel like you’d do anything to get out of a boring town to party in a big city. 

Some people might knock Korine for making something fairly mainstream but it was really rad to see the director enter a theatre and be taken aback by the fact that nearly every seat was taken. 

Also worth noting, if you weren’t aware, the pink-haired girl in the film is his wife, Rachel Korine and the ATL twins share the same bed and fuck the same chicks. I highly suggest you  read an interview about the bizarre twins by my old buddy, Chris Nieratko..

EDITOR’S NOTE: Haley here. While I was not lucky enough to see Harmony introduce the film, I did go see the wide-release opening here in SF. As what might be considered the more staunch feminist here at TEC, I was surprised at how much I liked this gratuitous display of “bikinis and big booties.” Even though I thought that the dialogue and plot line was pretty mediocre, I was mesmerized by the youthful beauty of all the skin on display, which I think figured very heavily into the aesthetic feeling of the movie. As Dan Savage often reminds us, there’s a good reason why teenagers are fetishized in our culture: youth is beautiful. There is something inherently innocent about the lightness and softness of young bodies, and I think that a big part of our obsession with this age is in part nostalgia for a time when hindsight would have allowed us to revel a little more heartily in our own moment of corporeal perfection, knowing that there will be time enough to worry about what you eat, how much weed is too much, and how you’re going to pay for vacation without committing crimes.

DVF For Roxy: Monica Byrne Wickey

It’s really crazy when you realize someone from your past is like, famous. I mean, we’re not talking Jennifer Lawrence famous, but close. 

I met Monica Byrne-Wickey when she was about four years old. My Gramps was living in Hana, Maui and was a well-liked man-about-town. I’d go spend the summer there which meant that I was always pal-ing around with a gaggle of really fun local surf girls, real rippers, one being Christie Wickey. Hanging out with them was some of my most fond teenage memories. As things go, we lost touch over the years but I reconnected with Christie at a bar in SF a couple years ago, before she went on an epic journey sailing all around the globe with a boat company. She told me Monica had gone pro and was killing it so I checked in on her and huzzah! She’s a grown-ass woman now! And engaged to her childhood boyfriend, pro-surfer and Maui kid, Ola Eleogram. 

I was super stoked to see that Monica is the face of the new DVF for Roxy Summer 2013 Swimwear Collaboration!!! Lookin’ like a babe as always. Well done!